Right wing panic about “forced vaccination” plays into hands of bio-terrorism.

Website headlines blare ” Forced Vaccines “”Medical Fascism”  as though the Red Army has just landed in Sacramento and set up guard towers and dispatched mobile Einsatzgruppen to force crying children into vaccine stations. This is patently ridiculous and erodes national security.

School admission is conditional on vaccination. Conditional admission to a program or facility is not use of “force”. Get it straight, or you are not operating a rational policy zone but rather a conspiracy theory zone.

Despite the contingent of granola-munching BMW Moms in the antivax ranks, a lot of the most incendiary rhetoric seems to be spouted by right wingers.

What do they think we Americans should do if ISIL, AlQueda and their ilk slip across the border some pseudo-immigrants infected with that polio strain now making rounds in those Muslim countries where the mujahadin have beat back the vaccination teams? Will the rock ribbed red blood “true AMericans” swallow the Andrew J Wakefield swill and decline to protect our nation against infectious disease/biowarfare just because Jenn McCarthy made it onto Oprah, and Jim Carey sez???

Where are the Eisenhower Republicans…would Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan just roll over and let biological ornance wipe out the USA?

SB 277 is not “about” the fantasies of natural foods obsessives. It has to do with national preparedbess in an age in which there are malevolent forces about, and lots and lots of dangerous microbes. Think it through…


Injection vs Ingestion. Myths and Facts.



So you’re in a discussion about vaccines and their ingredients and somebody pulls out the conversation stopper. “The amount of xyz in a vaccine might be tiny, but you’re injecting it. And injection is different to ingestion.” You’re stumped. You really have to stop and think hard about it. You know they’re qualitatively different, but you don’t know how to explain exactly why it’s not particularly important.

Yes, they are different. However making a broad and sweeping claim like that without context; being exact about the substance, amount and how the body processes it, is vacuous. And the difference should not be overstated because vaccine ingredients are actually safe in these tiny amounts.

The ingredients considered by many to be the “toxic chemicals” in vaccines are really so tiny compared to other sources, that the route of entry difference does not negate the point that these amounts are not enough…

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As the children howl…

As the children howl…

I see the worst minds of my generation everywhere taking charge

Spewing recycled rhetoric rendered irrelevant decades ago

Pasting jaded slogans over walls of superstition

Where they do nothing but harm

Far more harm than their alleged conspiracies would do even if true .

Antivaccine propagandists:

And by spreading lies, fear and hatred beyond mere loathing,

Comparing heroic scientists to Hitler and Pol Pot,

Engineering organic panic to brings back the once-dead diseases of a

forgotten past.

Little kids in Syrian refugee camps struggling on crutches or

dying because there are no iron lungs,

As apostate self – appointed imams rail against the polio

vaccine as a “western sneak attack”.

Diptheria, dead twenty nine years in Iberia, comes back

with a vengeance.

A little boy struggles for his life,

Awaiting rescue medication from Russia – of all places –

Russia, which experienced a resurgence of this

Child killing disease when the USSR collapsed

And there were no competent authorities to provide the doctors and nurses.


An antivax mom trembles helplessly as

All seven of her kids are struck with measles.

Paying the price of the lies

The lies of the antivaccine hucksters.

Hucksters who rake in the Big Money pushing

Unreconstituted bullshit:

Fake cancer remedies -ten cents worth of herbal tea for twenty dollars-

But hey it’s all natural gmo -free organic

And Lady Mystical Horoscope says

“Woo Woo Herbs will Cure the Cancer”

And so it goes with no end in sight to the cancer that is eating away dear mother’s dying body.

Desperate for any hope even a false hope

Legions of true believers swarm Sacramento

Blowing the horn of a delusion which should have died a quiet


We are indeed in an apocalypse

Where the resurrected dead are

False beliefs which kill by misinforming

So this poem is your notice and final chance to

Wake up from the delusionary worldview spun out for profit .

You are hereby on notice that your karma is imperiled

Every time you repeat the lying memes that vaccines cause autism

Or that the conquest of smallpox was due to

Anything but vaccination,

Or that we can tolerate the return of polio,,measles, diptheria, and whooping cough

In helpless children and

If you continue to spread the lie and disinformation

That vaccines are a bad thing then you are a pernicious fraud

Killing children every time you open your mouth.

A bit sanguine on #SB277 but the professor is correct: SB 277 is a silver bullet.

According to an Associated Press report, at least one immunologist is waxing ecstatic over the prospect of passing #SB277.

“Dr. John Swartzberg, a clinical professor specializing in immunology at University of California, Berkeley, who also hasn’t taken a position on the measure, said in an interview that eliminating the personal belief exemption would be a silver bullet for California to strengthen its defenses against the spread of communicable disease.”

Now, as a supporter of the bill, and of vaccinations and rigorous vaccination policies in general, I agree with his sentiment. However, I take issue with using such glowing language – “silver bullet” – from someone who “hasn’t taken a position”. What gives? The obvious answer: he is under tremendous pressure to “stay nuetral” in a town which is a hot-bed of wacky politics and one of the hot spots of undervaccination.

Could it be that “academic freedom” is in danger in the crown jewel of the University of California system?

Be that as it may, the measure, if passed and signed into law, would sweep away in one fell swoop one of the major difficulties in assuring a healthy community of Californians. Antivaccination lunacies are being peddled by wealthy out-of-state charlatans at an accelerating pace and things will get worse before they get better. As the baby boomers age and confront cancer, hypertension, stroke and the whole slew of later stage life complications, the market for fake alternative “cures” will mushroom. Billions of dollars will be made selling bottled water as “homeopathic remedies” and cheap herbal teas as “cancer cures”.

Antivaccination propagandists are indeed parasites, blood-suckers and vampires. Perhaps then the subtext of Professor Schwarzburg’s message, although he “hasn’t taken a position” is indeed telling. And that would make the original fabricator of the MMR-causes-autism hoax Count Dracula himself!

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